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Dear readers,

No surprise at all, last blog will be on technology in education. This tool is however a tool that everyone knows about. I’d be surprised if one of you, devoted readers, announced me that he doesn’t have this tool. You see where I’m going don’t you? Cellphones!

I already hear you scream and shout: CELLPHONES ARE NO GOOD FOR EDUCATION, THEY ARE JUST A SOURCE OF DISTRACTION! Well, you may be right. But you can definitely be wrong also. According to a short survey, 42% of random students around the United States would agree with you, that a text message or a phone call interrupts pretty often the tutoring. However, 44% of those students said their cellphones do not distract them during the tutoring. Moreover, 14% of them responded that cellphones were  great resources for students. Even some teachers agree. Sometimes you can go check for a math formula online with your smartphone or you can find the definition or translate any word within a minute.

If you go check on this website, you will find many interesting ways of using the cellphone in class. There is even a website created where students can text in their opinion and it will appear on the website. Actually, I am not the first one to think about using cellphones in classrooms. This is why many interesting applications have been created for the cellphones’ educational use. The website I just talked about and those useful apps are all on the last link.

The thing is, you have to establish the rules with the students first. I give you an example, warn them that if they use their cellphones for any other purpose than education, they will lose this awesome privilege that most of their friends from other schools might not have. As a future teacher you have to be strict and clear. Establish your rules ask them if they agree or not, then you can launch your cellphones use program.

On this website, you will see how a teacher successfully integrated those mobile devices to his teaching. He also provides reasons why he prefers to use cellphones.

If you are still not convinced, you may want might opinion? I definitely agree with the use of cellphones. Once the rules are clear, you can build up a program in which you can integrate the cellphones use. Students can share anonymously answer, they will be motivated to participate. It is also good for peer instruction, students can help out each other. Moreover, a teacher can distribute material by cellphones.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons on using cellphones in class. There is no miracle way to make it easy. A teacher should think more than once if he wants to integrate them or not.


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