Before the day I die, I’m gonna touch the Skype

Hi you! Who is still reading me after all those useful pieces of information I shared with you. This week I’m back to introduce you to something that is often used, but not always in an educational way. When I was travelling in Asia, I used a software that enabled me to enter in contact with the people I loved and I missed. This software is called Skype. You probably have ever heard of it and many of you have probably already used it.

Skype is basically a communication software that enables you to speak and to see the people with who you want to talk. It also enables you to call on a telephone. If you have access to internet, a webcam and a microphone, then it is free to skype with someone else who has internet, a webcam and a microphone. Pretty much all computers you will buy nowadays are already equipped with those devices. If you want to call someone on their phones however this will cost you money but way less than a regular oversea call may cost you.

Skype can easily be used in the classroom in many ways. First, you can have your students exchange with people whose English level is way more advanced than theirs. Instead of  talking with students that are at the same level they can get to improve their English by communicating with native speakers, who won’t reproduce the errors your students usually do.

Another thing I found while surfing, because I did not know it before is that you can get renown people to exchange with your students. Indeed, as presented on  this website, some authors are generous enough to share some of their free time with students who can ask them questions and information or tips. This is really cool because the students will be so motivated to have an opinion coming from an expert in the domain.

I found out another way to use Skype. Two weeks ago, I have been a victim of the misfortune. My car would not start and I had a practicum. I wasn’t even in touch with the students since it was a day off for them. My teacher just wanted to talk with me about what I had to do and everything. Skype would have been an easy way to get in touch with her without having to pay 50$ of taxi. When a teacher’s car won’t start in the morning, he can send a message to his students and inform them that the class will be given through Skype. This is not the best way to teach students but still, it will prevent you from getting too far behind in the course plan.

I could go on and on with cool ways to use Skype in the classroom but what I’m gonna do, is share with you an interesting link. This website presents you fifty ways to use Skype in the classroom, isn’t it wonderful?

A cool thing I found on the internet, is a website where a teacher ask for other teachers if they want their class to exchange with her class via Skype. I found this idea really interesting because sometimes it can be a challenge for some students to talk with people they have never seen. In their future life most of them will have to exchange in English with people they’ve never seen before that is why I’m gonna shoot you the link right here.

Thanks again for following, I strongly suggest you to go create a free Skype account right now, you never know when you might have to use it!


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