Let me introduce you a point… a PowerPoint


Hello everyone I’m here again to stimulate your brain! As a future teacher, I am constantly looking for devices or softwares or simply tricks or advices that could help me in any way to teach. While thinking about which new tool could be useful in my future career, I came up with an old one that I often get the chance to use and to witness other teachers use it as well.

The tool in question is nothing less than Microsoft Power Point. This software enables you to create an interactive presentation with text, videos, pictures, etc.

One of the big reasons why I choose to present you this software is that Microsoft Powerpoint is really easy to use. Anyone who knows how a computer mouse and a keyboard knows more or less how to use it. Watching this simple tutorial

 will explain you in less than seven minutes how to efficiently use it. I personally used it throughout my academic process and it has helped me in several ways. By being so easy to use, you can create a powerpoint presentation in less than ten minutes. This is very useful for people like me who have that really bad habit of procrastinating. I’ll give you a short example: you are Thursday morning 6h30 A.M. and you have an oral presentation at 8h A.M. Nothing is done except the subject. You open a powerpoint and shoot some ideas and pictures. You polish it and in less than 30 minutes you’re oral presentation is done. You still have an hour to eat your peanut butter toast, shower and go to school in time to perform your oral presentation that looks really cool with the powerpoint. Although this may sounds exaggerated to you, trust me it happened to me more than once and by experience, I know I am clearly not the only one.

While surfing the web a found an incredible website It basically shows you how to use a powerpoint in class but includes hyperlinks to other website which include how to create an effective powerpoint or provides you with examples of a great list of projects written by teachers or a full lesson plan for high school students, all kinds of stuffs that you have to go read. I strongly recommend it:  GO SEE IT! GO SEE IT! CLICK ME! CLICK ME!

However, as pointed out in this blog which takes the interesting form of an actual powerpoint, there are some ways that the powerpoint can impede the learning of the students. Indeed, when improperly used, this software can give you an opposite result of what you may have expected. The first thing that comes to my mind (which really annoys me by the way) is when a teacher writes everything on his powerpoint slides and actually reads it in front of the class. This is bad because first, the students are bored as hell. Half of the class won’t even come because they know you will post your powerpoint online. Second thing, having long sentences written entirely, confines you to what is written. If a student bring a new idea, which happens pretty often, you will look pretty dumb in front with your sentence saying one thing and you in front of the class agreeing to say the opposite. This is why I suggest you to use key words or even images. You want to talk about an animal that saved a human, just put an image of a dog and a superman for example. You need to have some flexibility while you teach.

In sum, powerpoint is great an easy to use tool that, when used efficiently, is super useful. Anyone who has already used it will confirm it. Thanks for sticking to my blog after those weeks. TTYL     -Max-


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