GOOGLE DRIVEs you pretty good

Hi folks,

I recently had the chance to assist a presentation by an experimented teacher who talked about Google Drive.



Even though Google is now one of the biggest companies in the world, I didn’t even know what Google Drive was. Basically, Google Drive is a cloud storage service.  You can store documents, photos, music, videos on this software. According to gizmodo, which is a technology web blog, Google Drive really stands out from his competitor (apple, skydrive, etc.) Of course, because Google is up to date, you can use Google Drive from your personal computer or even your cellphone. This is very useful because sometimes you need to check documents or modify them in a really short lap of time.

What the experimented teacher (the one I talked about at the beginning of this post) showed us was truly amazing. Indeed, Google Drive has given us the opportunity to work on softwares that look pretty much like the ones Microsoft Office offer. For example Microsoft Word, Excel or even Powerpoint. Of course they do not offer as much as what Microsoft has used us to but it is still a very useful tool. My favourite feature is that you can work on it with many people online. For instance, if you’re working in a team of 4 on a powerpoint presentation, anyone who has access to a computer or even a smartphone can work on the document directly from his computer. This is VERY beneficial. Let me explain; we all have had at least once that teammate who does not do much in a project. One of the excuses I heard the most was: “You are the one typing, I can’t do anything”, and he goes back texting his dumb friends. If I had heard back then of Google Drive, that Jerk would have no reason not to be working on the project. If you go and take a look at what Chris Hoffman has to say, you will see that there is way more that Google Drive can help you with.

Before studying to become an English teacher, I was completely lost in my career plan. I did a “Technique de comptabilité et gestion” which is actually a course to become an accountant. After my practicum in this field, I found out pretty fast that I wasn’t made to become an accountant. However, let’s not get lost and come back to the main reason why I started to talk about this. In this program, I had to save a lot of my document on a USB key. Pretty much everything of every year was on a small device that could be easily lost. It happened to one of my friend, the final exam was based on a simulation we had worked on all year and saved on our USB key. However, my unlucky friend lost his USB key the last week of the year. Result: could not do the final exam and failed. This kind of problem would never happen with Google Drive. All you need to do is log onto your account and everything you’ve saved is available. A similar experience happened to a certain Kevin Volo, he talks about it and presents eight good reasons for instructors and students to use Google Drive, you should take a look at it.

In sum, Google Drive has so many benefits that a teacher should at least consider them. I will personally work with that great tool and I will present it to my colleagues so they can benefit from it as much as I do.


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