ToonDoo !!!

Hi everyone who is still following me after all those weeks!

I’ve come up once again with a useful tool that can be used in class by pretty much anyone.
Have you ever heard of ToonDoo? It is not a Pokémon name if you were wondering. In fact, ToonDoo is a cool, comic-creating tool from Jambav, a fun site for kids. It basically allows you to create cartoons and to publish them or print them.


Why would anyone use cartoons in class?

Well sometimes, certain concepts are harder for children to understand. Explaining through images can be very useful. Moreover, I’ve already mentioned it before but the key to success in class is the motivation. Once you’ve gained your students’ interest, you can make them do pretty much anything you want. Cartoons are a great way to captivate students. Furthermore, ToonDoo comes with a large bank of images. Stop wasting your time on Google images trying to find the image you are looking for and try to go through those images. Once you’ve find the good image make them talk! Students will love it. I also found on someone’s blog how she was actually using Toondoo. Her experience might be benefical for you.

Another great way to use ToonDoo in class is by making students create their own cartoons. They will have fun interpreting through cartoons what they’ve just learned in class. In addition, they will be able to study later this cartoon and they will refresh their memory pretty fast. They can also let other people benefit from what they’ve created. Many artistic students sometimes are just not able to follow in class and take notes. Let those students unleash their creativity through cartoons.

What’s cool about ToonDoo is that it is free to register. You only need an e-mail address. Once you’ve registered, you can import images from the web or choose from a large bank of images. You can choose the facial expressions of your characters, their size, their positions etc. You can practically do whatever you like with what you’ve created or imported. Someone’s way better than me to explain you how it works. However dear readers, I must warn you that ToonDoo has a disadvantage. I found those disadvantages while reading one of my colleague’s blog which is by the way super interesting.  Since most of the users are going to use it with younger students, I have to tell you that some of the content that is available to anyone is not always appropriate. Since anyone can create their cartoon and share it with the whole planet, some stupid people (pardon the judgment) will share inappropriate content that is not suitable for younger people. Beside that, ToonDoo Is wonderful.


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