Mind Map –> Great tool

Hi again guys .

First I would like to thank you to continue reading me. I appreciate!

Two weeks ago I shared with you a new technology that I didn’t know about and last week I talked to you about how to use efficiently Facebook in our educational system. Now let me introduce you the mind map. What does a mind map look like?   Well like this:


What is it used for? Well a mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. The principle is pretty easy: you start from a central idea and you develop around it. As you can see on the image, the central idea is in the middle and all the branches connect to sub-ideas which can be sub-developed and so long and so forth.

Programs to create mind maps are in a great majority free. You think that is the best argument? Well in addition of being free, those programs are so easy to use. If watch this tutorial on Youtube watch you will be able to efficiently used mind map in less than 2 minutes. But you can also learn how to use it pretty easily all by yourself.

Personally guys, and I know I’m not the only one in my situation, I’m a really disorganized person. I have trouble to study because I can’t find some information or I can’t linked a theory to another. Well with the mind map, this comes all by itself. It’s so easy to organize your idea and to know where it comes from. It really helped me in my studies. I could continue with advantages of using this excellent software but here’s a little website to learn  7 reasons why you should be using it.

Don’t get me wrong here; this mind map concept doesn’t only apply to students. I know you are all going to become excellent teachers but having some tips here and there is never too much. You can include images in your mind maps to catch the attention and even the laugh of some children you’re teaching too. Isn’t it wonderful? Here are some impressions of a teacher who is really using it in her class.

Since you can add colors to your mind map, you can develop a color system which would represent for example what’s more important and what’s less important, both for what you are teaching or what you are studying.

You can draw a rough copy of a mind map if you’re example in a reunion where you can only take quick notes. You can redo it more properly in a higher quality when more time will be available.

In sum, mind maps are great tools to help you organize your ideas. They are made for when you look at them after a week or two, you can immediately refresh your memory and understand it. I suggest that everyone use them.


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