SmartBoard are actually pretty smart!

Hello again loyal readers!

Following my first post about a technology that was new for me, I continue this week with a technology that some of you may know: The Smart Board!
It is called a Smart Board because it has been developed by the company Smart, but mostly because it is really smart. It is a system which combines an interactive white board, a projector and a computer. This useful tool is already used a lot in our classrooms by teachers. Let’s say it’s a projector that projects a program on a white board, and you can do pretty much everything you want to do with it. You can write an erase on the white board, you can add images, videos etc. I won’t list everything because my blog would be way too long for you to read. A video might help you understand what it really is, I know some people are more visual:

What’s really cool about this technology is that it really captivates the attention of the students. Moreover, you can directly use your finger on the white board to draw or erase. I found out that you can use your finger to write and your palm to erase. Trust me this technology hasn’t stop growing. I will soon be a teacher as you all may know because as loyal readers you know who I am. As a future teacher, I installed that software on my laptop. Of course it doesn’t work the same way because I cannot use my finger on my laptop screen but I can understand and discover pretty easily the basics of this software. It is very useful because trust me, when you arrive in front of a classroom and you don’t know how a technology works, they will all get a good laugh at you. It’s not a big deal but in a world where technology is so important, arriving in class and mastering a technology some of your students may not even know, will surely gain you some points.If you really want to impress your students, you should take a look at this video a kid posted on youtube, it shows some cool things you can do with the SmartBoard:

One thing I really like about this technology is that it encourages students to participate. It is funny and interactive so the students are excited to go in front and to use the smart board. Getting students to participate is one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced so far in my young career of teacher. Maybe some of you would prefer an opinion coming from an experienced teacher, well I can’t offer you that but, if you go and have a quick look on this website you will be able to get the opinion and the experience of older and more experienced teachers than me. You can also develop complicity with your students by having fun with them using the Smart Board. This technology really helps teachers to involve the students in their activity.

Another thing Smart Board can help you with: organization. Personally I have so much trouble organizing myself, I often find myself searching for a paper or where I store a document. With this software, you can save everything; your entire course plan can be stored, mixed with funny entertaining activities.

In sum, the Smart Board helps you to be a good teacher. It helps interacting with students and it also helps students interact between themselves. Every classroom should definitely have one in a near future.


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